Transitory Monument

1595, Dortmund, Kuckelkemühlenteich. Mümmel-Elsken's limbs are bound crosswise: Her right hand tied to her left foot, her right foot tied to her left hand, she is thrown into the water. The so-called water test is to determine whether she is really a witch. Mümmel-Elsken is said to have caused the death of the Clarenberg monastery servant Mangelmann. Perhaps she also milked some farmer's cow with her evil eye? Or caused the premature death of children?

Did she give a woman means of contraception? Parallel to a crossover radio play of Dortmund scenes of the witch hunt, literature, prose and music, performer Nicola Schubert explores the traces of the local witches on Hansaplatz and questions today's phenomena of women's* disadvantage for the historical points of connection with the early modern period.


Cast Felix Breuel, Olga Prokot, Nicola Schubert, Karoline Stegemann

Director & Author Nicola Schubert

Scenography Theresa Mielich

Sounddesign Timecode
Re-Recording Henning Großmann

Music Chiara Strickland

Year 2022