Good Like That

A week before Christmas in 2017 we’ve spent 10 days in Nepal with Friendly Hunting. They run a cashmere manufacture in Kathmandu and have set up various projects to support life and working conditions in Kathmandu and the surrounding area in a sustainable way.

Furthermore you see images of the Dhulikel Hospital and the Kathmandu University, which are independent, non-profit and non-governmental institutions. This film is a director’s cut. Without spoken words or storyline, I wanted to express the feeling I had while travelling through the country. I felt a lot of chaos, but still it seemed that everything worked out as if there was an infrastructure there that I, as a stranger, could not make out. During the editing process, this project became a collaboration between Yppah's music and life in Nepal. In the end, I only played the mediator.

Director David Jascha

Camera David Jascha

Sounddesign Timecode

Year 2021
Duration 3 min