In Limbo

The theme of outsiderdom anchors Güler’s In Limbo – a series of intimate vignettes that play with subversion. In one scene a masculine group is gathered on the shore talking about hooking up with girls, before one person jumps in the water to reveal top surgery scars. In another, a belly dancer twists in the desert, kicking up dust and sand before lifting their veil to reveal a moustache.

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 Supported by Nownewss, Zalando and GAP.

Cast Özgür Uzay, Meli Bendeli, Akış Ka, Must & Kika

Director Harun Güler
Production 212 Studio, Stink Films
Özlem Seçkiner

Camera Leander Ott
Cut Vigdís Erla, Harun Güler
Color Delfina Mayer
Vfx Doğuş Aslan

Sounddesign Timecode
Re-Recording Henning Großmann

Music eeph

Year 2022
Duration 7 min